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Glitzoglam have the largest selection of fabrics in Europe! Enjoy!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Music Mando Diao - Gloria



Hologram, glitter velvet, metallic, metallic/lack and lycra with glitter.This is a basic selection of fabrics, let us know if you would like other colours and we will help you find it.


 Green Metallic Zebra  Fuchsia Metallic Zebra    Gold Metallic Zebra  Velvet Blue Leopard  Peacock lycra  Camo leopard lycra  Snake lycra    
 Snake Pink lycra  Snake Turquise lycra    Yellow Silver Rain  Orange Leopard  Blue Fringes  Starfish  Peacock    
 Turquise Swirl  Yellow Gold Swirl   Sunflares  Gold Star 2-way stretch  Vortex  Turquise See Throuch  Pink Ribbons    
 Neon Green Dot  Cracked Ice Fuchsia    Mini Dot Silver Black  Yellow Glitter Spandex  Spandex Ruffles 2-way stretch  Neon Green Shattered Glass  Holo Foil Black    
 Yellow Lemon Dot  Pale Blue Shattered Glass    Silver Yellow Mini Dot  Yellow Shatterd Glass  Ombre Multi Web  Holo Vista Turquise  Holo Vista Purple    
 Matrix Silver Lavendel  Hot Pink Holo    Matrix Purple  Matrix Red  Kiss  Matrix Orange  Holo Maroon Silver    
 Holo Yellow  Ombre Fuchsia-Silver    Matrix Hot Pink  Ombre Silver-Orange  Ombre Pale Blue  Red Rain  Punch Holes Red    
 Avatar Green Kelly  Avatar Silver    Avatar Silver-Black  Avatar Purple Avatar Dark Purple  Avatar Silver-Red  Avatar Silver-Orange    
 Avatar Blue-Turquise  Avatar Blue    Avatar Pale Gold  Avater Gold Copper  Avatar Hot Pink  Avatar Dark Pink      
 Animal Silver Pink (choose any side)  Big Holo Purple    Big Holo Turquise  Dot Silver Black  Orange Silver Dot  Pink Silver Print      
 Matrix Pale Turrquise  Matrix Deep Pink    Hunter Green  Silver-Gold Metallic Flower  Green-Silver Big Dot  Dark Green Big Dot      
 Big Mermaid Orange  Small Mermaid Turquise    Mermaid Yellow  Mermaid Purple  Small Mermaid Hot Pink  Mermaid Hot Pink  Mermaid Turquise    
 Big Mermaid Pale Red  Mermaid Red    Big Mermaid Purple  Small Mermaid Yellow  Mermaid Pale Pink  Small Mermaid Orange  Big Mermaid Silver Purple    
 Cracked ice Royal Blue-Green Gold  Sky-Blue Silver Dot    Blue Flames  Sequin Squiggle White Silver  Sequin Squiggle Dusty Rose  Metallic Lavendel  Big Mermaid Pink    
 Neon Orange Holo  Hot Pink Shattered Glass    Neon Orange Shattered Glass  Cracked Ice Red Flames  Gold Mini Dot  Gold-Black Mini Dot  Diamon Turquise    
 Metallic Spandex Hot Pink  Metallic Spandex Sellery    Fuchsia Mini Dot  Turquise Metallic Puch Holes  Metallic Spandex Royal Blue  Metallic Pink Rainbow  Metallic Rainbow    
 Light Pink Shattered Glass  Tie Dye Yellow CF    Silver Pink Stripes CF Camo Snake CF  Copper Chocolate Snake CF  Gold Snake CF  Gun Metal Snake CF    
Flame CF Metallic Silver-Green Butterfly CF   Printed Spandex Zebra Scuiggle Turquise Sequin  Fuchsia Foil  Turquise Foil  Blue Foil    
Velvet Blue Leopard Illusion   Silver Dot Black Black Silver Mermaid Fuchsia Herringbone Turquise Herringbone Black Herringbone    
Yellow Silver Stripes Diamond Turquise   Matrix Black Diamond Silver Diamond Black Black Leaf Green Foil    
Diamond Mini Turquise Diamond Gun Metal    Fuchsia Foil  Gold Foil  Fuchsia Croco  Squiggle Sequin Gold  Squiggle Sequin Red    
Blue Pink Glass Pink Silver Glass   Velvet Gold Dot Grape Velvet Hibiscus Velvet Flower Squiggle Sequin Black Squiggle Sequin Merlot    
 Squiggle Dusty Rose  Sky Dot    Sequin on Mesh Yellow  Sequens Turquise  Sequens Pink Zebra  White Silver Glass  Metallic Gold    


NEW! Royal Blue Gold Mini dot NEW! Paljett Turquise - one way stretch NEW! Paljett large Turquise NEW! Paljett Rose-Lilac - one way stretch NEW! Paljett Fuchsia - one way stretch NEW! Paljett Navy Blue NEW! Offwhite Gold Dots NEW! Black Clear Dot NEW! White Glitter Mini dot  
 Metallic Red Mini dot NEW! Aqua Turquise Mini dot  NEW! Light Turquise Mini Dot Baby Rosa Mini dot  Green Mini dot holo  Turquise Mini dot holo  Rosa Mini dot holo  Lilac Mini dot holo  Lila Royalblå Holo  
NEW!! Olive Lime Metallic  Metallic Black  Metallic Silver  Metallic Blue  Metallic Turquise  Metallic Lila Metallic Green  Metallic Fuchsia  Metallic Red  
 Lack/Latex Black soft  Metallic Gold  NEW! Black Fuchsia Mini dot  NEW! White Silver Mini Dot  Hot Pink  Silver  NEW! Lime Silver Mini dot  Black Fuchsia Hologram  Glitter Tiger  
White Shattered Glass Lavendel Silver Shattered Glass  Lilac Silver Shattered Glass Black Shattered Glass Holo  Black/Red Shattered Glass  Black/Green Shattered Glass  Black/Fuchsia Shattered Glass  Black/Blue Shattered Glass Royal Blue Shattered Glass  
Spider Black/Silver. Limited only 1 bikini.  Glamour Green  Slversweep NEW! Limited only 1 bikini.  NEW! Dark Lilac Mini dot  Metallic Bronze  Metallic Copper  Blue Metal/Lack  Red Metal/Lack  Silver Metal/Lack  
 Glamour Orange  Lasercut Fuchsia NEW! Black-Turquise Mini dot Lasercut Silver, limited only 1 bikini.  NEW! Pink/Silver Mini dot NEW! Lilac Mini dot  Holo Blue  Black/Silver  NEW! Fuchsia Mini dot  
NEW! Gold Yellow Mini dots NEW! Gold/Gold Shattered Glass NEW! Gold-Silver Mini dots  Pale Pink Mini Dot  Fuchsia/Lilac Shatterd Glass  Black Shattered Glass Neon/Orange Shattered Glass  Neon/Green Silver Shattered Glass  Holo Lilac/Blue  
Lack soft Aqua NEW! Bubbles NEW! Turquise Silver Glitter  NEW! Fuchsia silver glitter  Rainbow Hologram Glitter Turquise Mini Dot  Silver Rings NEW! Cerise Mini Dot  Bronze Glitter  
 Soft Rainbow  NEW! Glamour Pink  NEW! Glamour Red NEW! Psychedelic  NEW! Navy Mini dot  Glitter Tiger Blue      Classical White  
Lack soft Green Lack soft Pink Metallic Holo Gold NEW! Girlang Green NEW! Girland Lilac NEW! Girland Turquise     White Glitter Waves  
NEW! Glitter Velvet Yellow Velvet Fuchsia Paljett Velvet Red Paljett Velvet Turquise Batik Navy Blue Glitter Paljett Velvet Pink Silver Waves Velvet Lilac/Silver Dot   Velvet Glitter Lilac  
NEW! Royal Blue/Royal Mini Dot NEW! Red/Red Shattered Glass  Velvet Red Glitter  Velvet Navy  Velvet Hot Pink  Velvet Silver/Black  Velvet Crushed Red    Glitter Lyckra Silver Stripes  
NEW! Ornament Neon Green Paljett NEW! Animal Fuchsia/White Silver LIMITED only 1 bikini NEW! Velvet Red Gold Glitter Velvet Syren Beige    Lack/Latex Jet Lack/Latex Neon Orange    Orange Glitter, limited only 1 bikini.  
Antique Gold Lack NEW! Black/Turquise Mini Dot   Pink Holo Glitter Black Supershiny Lack Royal Glitter Blue  Yellow/Bronze Glitter  Glitter Red  Fuchsia Lack  
Wild Blue NEW Wild Silver NEW Wild Orange NEW Wild Green NEW Wild Fuchsia NEW        NEW! Green Silver reversible (moves)  

Basic lycra. One side matte, one side slightly shiny. Black & colour palette.  
Suitable for Men's Posing Trunks and Women Basic Posing Suit as well as Bikini & Model Shows.

Black. AG:s Texitl - Art Nr 121 31, Glitzit - Art Nr 01254  Graphite Grey  Silver Grey Brown  Gold  Sun  Neon Green  Mint Green  Petrol
Dark Green Baby Rosa Coral Hot Orange Hot Pink Neon Pink Lilac Wine Red Red
Magenta Ruby Dark Lilac  Plum  Dark Lilac/Blue Lilac  Blue-Lilac  Soft Lilac Ice Blue
 Cobolt Blue  Marine  Corona China Blue Blue-Green  Turquise  Aqua  Neon Orange  Pink Apricot


Fabric, colour and style, a few your own style...

 Colour Mystique/Coral   Colour Gold/Glitter, one side matte, one side glitter    Colour Glamour Orange    Colour Rosa Hologram      
NEW! Low cut.
Bikini & Model Show Suits
 Colour Spider Black/Silver   Colour Dark Fuchsia   Colour Fuchsia/Black Hologram   Colour Powder Yellow      
  Colour Red Metallic